Manisha Narang


Manisha Narang, MPH, RYT-200, received her Vinyasa training from Honor Yoga in Pennington, under the lineage of Leslie Kaminoff and Sadie Nadini, with a focus on alignment, deep core muscle engagement, and pranayama. Manisha embraces the holistic approach to asana, where we fit the pose to our individual bodies, not the body to our pose. She approaches her students with compassion and sensitivity always, and aims to make yoga accessible to all, especially those who can’t practice traditional yoga due to physical limitations.

Manisha holds a Master’s in Public Health from Rutgers University with a focus on Health Education and Behavioral Science. Manisha seeks to address the larger community health issues impacting the public health, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as stress-related disease.  She recognizes the power of the stress-disease connection, and on a personal level realizes how important it is to mitigate the toxic effects of stress.  Manisha was exposed to yoga from an early age through her grandmother, however, it was when she began her regular practice in 2005 that she realized the deep power of a meditation, breath, and yoga practice. As an instructor, Manisha is dedicated to guiding you in your path towards relaxation, peace, and good health.

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