Meghan Pruett


Meghan was introduced to yoga at a young age. She would attend all the classes and even float into dwi pada sirsasana with ease.  That was until her life took an unexpected turn, where yoga no longer became accessible.

Time went on and it wasn’t until late high school when she was invited to attend a prayer and meditation group. However, this turned out to be no ordinary meditation group but a darshan to meet Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj from India.

After meeting with him a second time she was given the blessing to go to school to become a yoga teacher.  Before Shivabalayogi left to return to India, he gifted her with a blessed OM necklace which she wears each class.

Sticking to the roots of eastern yoga, Meghan loves to introduce slight chanting, pranayama, drishti (single point focus) and alignment into each practice. Her heart lies with the heated practice of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga. Unlike Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga focuses on deepening the practice through specific asanas. She feels it is key to move the body through a tapas (heat and purification) practice to rid both the spiritual and physical body of unhealthy habits, toxins, and emotional struggles.

“You need to allow yourself to get to that place in your head where you want to quit, then in that moment is when you push past that internal struggle to gain strength.” – Meghan

Although her heart lies within a tapas practice, Meghan knows when to slow things down. She has taught restorative yoga, gentle yoga and chair yoga. One summer she even introduced yoga to a senior center and a high school basketball team.

What most don’t realize is that yoga goes far beyond any asana. So no matter what class Meghan is teaching, she completes it with love and a hope that the spiritual practice of yoga will resonate with each student.

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