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About A Life In Balance


In September of 2001, I was working in the product development department of a marketing company in New York. My job was pretty low key and pretty unfulfilling. I didn’t see the path towards my future. Being 23 with an English degree, I wasn’t really sure where I fit.

Meanwhile, I had been an on and off dedicated yogi since 17, a softball player in college and for years after. Always active and extroverted. On the 11th of that month I was in NYC walking to work – about 8 minutes – when I heard a noise overhead and then eventually was told that an airplane hit the World Trade Center. Just like that my life changed forever.

In the days and weeks following 9/11/2001, I came to realize that I wanted to help people in a way that I couldn’t just then. To be able to really make a difference in peoples’ lives, I needed a new and different skill. So on January 2, 2002, I  enrolled full time in school to become a Physical Therapist.  It is my path. I truly believe that I am meant to do what I do.

— Paula Czapla, PT, DPT and Owner of A Life in Balance Physical Therapy




A Life in Balance is a physical therapy and wellness studio, dedicated to partnering with people to improve their health and well being. As a physical therapy provider, ALIB assesses people in pain or with movement limitations that are keeping them from living their best life. With a thorough evaluation and treatment plan, patients decrease pain, improve balance, and achieve overall wellness and improved functional mobility.  Physical therapy treatments include traditional manual therapy techniques (such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and neuromuscular reeducation and strengthening), combined with more non-traditional techniques (such as neurokinetic therapy™, yoga postures, breathing, and pelvic floor rehabilitation).

In addition to physical therapy and rehabilitation, clients are able to access wellness and preventative care through yoga classes, private yoga sessions, and exercise prescriptions. Continual physical activity allows patients, who have achieved an improved level of mobility with physical therapy, to optimize their health and wellness. Clients that are purely wellness minded will find a robust and well-rounded community of classes and workshops on a variety of interesting and educational topics.