Ava Marino


Ava is a full-time dental hygienist. Job-related chronic neck and shoulder pain were her way of life. Physical therapy with Dr. Paula and guidance from the exceptional yoga teachers at ALIB changed her life. New to teaching, as a 2017 Blackbird Yoga School grad, Ava has the desire and ability to share with others the blessings the yoga path has given her. She didn’t walk into teacher training with her heart aligned with the principles of yoga, but certainly left that way, nurtured by teachers and fellow students. She is eternally grateful for the time, wisdom, and love they shared together. Through that experience, Ava learned that yoga is for everybody. Her classes are intended to be accessible to students of all ages, shapes, and interests. Absolute beginners, or anyone still unsure of how yoga fits into their lifestyle, will benefit from the slow start warm ups, stretching, and series of alignment based poses, combined with proper breathing technique. Meditation and quiet time are enjoyed to take students beyond the physical aspects of yoga and allow them to find their own sacred space.

Yoga has increased Ava’s body awareness, enlightened her in self-care, and deepened her spiritual connection. These things are what continue to draw her to my mat. Ava is also trained in restorative yoga, is a Reiki Level I practitioner, and loves to explore healing crystals and essential oils. She would love the opportunity to share her continuing yoga journey with others in a safe and nurturing environment, where they can explore the endless boundaries the yoga path has to offer together.

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