Billy Herzer


Yoga has been a passion of mine, ever since I discovered it as a stressed out, insecure
college freshman. Growing up in a small town with neither a gym nor opportunities to learn
yoga, I first started learning yoga from books and tapes, eventually advancing to DVDs and
finally class room practice. I’ve always loved how yoga allows us to reconnect with our
bodies, finding peace, balance and perspective. Sharing all of this with more people really
continues to be the main driver for being a teacher.

One of the things that I love about teaching yoga is its inspiration to continue to grow and
stretch my boundaries. It really drives me to research classes and to learn how to
accomplish challenges from difficult to master asanas to the often elusive quiet of
meditation. One of the great blessings of practicing yoga is that the journey truly is just as
rewarding as the destination. Connecting with ourselves and what our body needs remains
the main focus; no matter how many times I may fall out of crow pose or handstand, I will
leave my mat feeling happier and more satisfied – being able to share this feeling of
acceptance and joy is what I always strive for.

Personally, I find it easier to teach a class grounded in a theme, anywhere from the
practical, such as hip openers to conclude a stressful day, over “being in the moment” such
as a Chandra namaskar or moon salute class during a full moon, to more deeply traditional
classes with focus on breathing and chanting of simple mantras. I am always open to
adapting my style though to better suit a particular client, setting or school. Constructive
feedback is a great way to grow and improve and I am always looking forward to getting
feedback on how to enhance a class. My schooling was received through the Deva Lila
school which embraces an open style built on hatha or raja yoga. Continuous sources of
inspiration for me are some of my favorite first lesson based trainings such as Shiva Rea and
Erich Schiffman iconic DVDs. I’d consider my classes to be suitable for beginner to
intermediate level yoga students.

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