How do we help our clients?

By providing highly-skilled services in a relaxed environment. Whether it’s Physical TherapyMassageYoga, Transitional Fitness or Personal Training we are always here to support your progress and answer your questions. From the first call to arrange your initial evaluation, to your last appointment, we are here to help you get to the best YOU, that you can be. 

Do you take insurance for Physical Therapy?

Life in Balance TherapyWe are frequently asked if we take insurance. The short answer is YES. We are in-network with Medicare and will handle all the paperwork and claims for you. All you will need is a prescription from your doctor. You are responsible to pay any deductibles or portions Medicare or your Medicare Supplement plans do not cover. We feel strongly that people over 65 should be cared for and the work that we do is essential to improving strength and balance across the lifespan.

We work with most third party insurance companies.  Part of our New Patient Intake process is to obtain pertinent information and compile a full verification of your insurance benefits (VOB). Once your VOB is complete, we go over all out of pocket expense to insure that you know exactly what to expect. Even if we are out of network with your insurance company, many plans still have out of network benefits that cover services. We will review all of this with you once we have the information.

Will I have to submit for reimbursement, to my insurance?

Under many circumstances we will submit to your insurance company for you on your behalf. There are some situations where this cannot be done due to insurance limitations. We will inform you exactly what your responsibility will be.

If you are not in my insurance network why would I come to A Life In Balance for Physical therapy?

From the moment you walk in to the physical therapy studio you will see the difference between our system and traditional physical therapy. We are focused on the underlying cause of your pain or movement limitation. We look at the body as a whole – not a sum of the parts.  We are dedicated to one on one care and take specific action to teach you the nuance of every movement. We feel very strongly that the plan of care for your treatment should be between you and your physical therapist. It is impossible for us to be in network with every third party insurance carrier. And sometimes, by contracting with an insurance company many decisions regarding your care is given to them – people who have never met you nor understand the non-traditional type of physical therapy we provide.  In the end, going out of network can many times save you money because your treatment plan is tailored to you – you are not fit into a pre-existing plan.

What other services do you provide in addition to Physical Therapy?     

In addition to Physical Therapy, we offer: Massage Therapy, Transitional Fitness, personal training and Yoga. These programs work together to advance your physical improvement. We offer the most up to date treatment solutions in a one on one environment. We are partners in your care and allow for continuity of care across the disciplines. This communication allows for greater outcomes, quicker results and custom programming.