Mission Statement

I began A Life in Balance as an attempt to bring all of my different experiences and approaches, that I collected over the years, to the patients that I treat. I feel strongly in the one-on-one approach to care and I believe in treating the body as a WHOLE not the sum of its parts. People with an injury are often referred to by their injury – “The knee patient,” or  “The guy with the bad back..” At ALIB a person is not just someone who has back pain. Rather you are an entire person and we treat your entire body at once. Pain is a symptom – it doesn’t always tell us WHAT the problem is. We treat the pain and symptoms by addressing the root cause using neurokinetic therapy, neuromotor and neurodevelopmental techniques, full body exercise and global pattern improvements.

A Life In Balance is a destination for those who have a need to improve physically.

We work from the outside in to address multiple layers of compensations that keep you from living your best life. We prove that pain is not a necessary part of aging.  We rehabilitate old and new injuries, improve body awareness, motor development and we help athletes achieve their highest level of performance.  We address individualized needs in a small and intimate setting with one on one attention.

A Life In Balance offers multiple levels of care from one on one physical therapy, exercise prescription, private yoga sessions and group yoga classes. This allows clients to learn, practice and implement individualized improvement across different settings.  The implementation of yoga as a component of physical therapy allows for stability and mobility across all planes of motion which maximizes benefit and outcomes.

We are your partners in care and can help to improve physical, emotional and spiritual growth, from the outside in.