Physical Therapy Tiers

Physical Therapy Tiers

Physical Therapy - Yoga - Massage

Tier 1

Focus is on neuromuscular re-education to teach the body how to properly recruit muscles in order to minimize and abolish compensatory movement strategies. This tier focuses on a holistic approach to pain relief, tendonitis, muscle spasms, acute and chronic injuries. Exercises are prescribed to teach the body how to properly engage primary postural movers. Home exercises are given at every session in order to maximize the session and allow for the client to attain and maintain functional neutral.


Tier 2

As the body becomes more used to being functionally neutral we begin to build strength in this new normal.  Using yoga based exercise in order to give the body strength, stability and flexibility while maintaining a neutral trunk, the client is given an extensive individualized program at each session. A written plan is also given for a home practice.


Tier 3

When neutral trunk position is able to be attained and maintained independently without the intervention of the therapist, the client is given a temporary maintenance plan of 3 private yoga sessions in one month and home exercise program in order to assure biomechanical strength and flexibility.