I have just started going to Dr. Paula about 3 weeks ago.  I have years of pain and discomfort in all parts of my body.  Paula was like no other physical therapist I have ever been to.  She has a style all her own. She is one on one care and really understands my needs. In just the last few weeks I feel better and more energetic! I’m so happy that I was told by many people to go to her. I’m looking forward to my journey at A Life In Balance.

– Jason Manfready

I had severe back pain in the middle of my back when I first came into see Dr. Paula. A life In Balance PT has been a great experience overall, from Physical Therapy to yoga as well as ongoing ways to promote health and wellness. But most of all Dr. Paula provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere where she gives individual guidance to her patients so that they can heal and carry these techniques into their daily lives.In addition her staff is fantastic!

– Rosemary Monaco

I have been a patient for almost a year now and I can’t say enough about my experience with Dr. Paula. I am currently pregnant and she is the first doctor I would ever use to for my aches and pains get during pregnancy. Dr Paula is awesome and magical. She always stays up to date on the most recent physical therapy techniques. I am looking forward to trying her yoga services as well in the future.

Li Lanfang

This is a really nice place to be. Everyone that works here makes people feel welcome! Thanks for everything.


What a gem! I was referred here due to back issue, I was pleasantly surprised to find this amazing studio. Not only did I leave with greatly diminished back pain but I also left with a wealth of knowledge about my body and I felt like a made a friend! Dr. Czapla was incredibly knowledgeable. It is a beautiful place with great energy. Considering I have been in traditional physical therapy for 5 months with no results, I am amazed that after just a 45 minute session I had relief. Thank you for such a lovely experience, highly recommend this place!

Claudia Mandreucci Jaeger

A terrific places to discover yoga, how it can be helpful and useful and explore this in a safe, and friendly environment. The positive energy of the entire staff is very conductive for both beginners and advanced yogi’s. Highly recommended to anyone interested in moving your inner bar forward!

Barney McGale

Go often, the Yoga classes are great. Plus I’ve been going for physical therapy. Dr Paula helped me solve pain issues I’ve had for years that I thought I had to live with. She is a GEM!!

Michael Gallart

LOVE my classes with Manisha!! Everyone is so wonderful and kind I really look forward to going to my chair Yoga classes every week!!!

Lynda Fusco DeRose

Warm and inviting studio. Instructors are wonderful, beginners always welcome! Love it!!!!

Barb Winnicki

Great studio with wonderful instructors!! A MUST!!

Beth Siegert

On June 10, 2015, I had TJM surgery.  As part of my healing protocol, my surgeon recommended I continue my yoga practice, and to start physical therapy. I had noticed A Life in Balance was super close, and made an appointment for a consultation. When I walked in, I was immediately impressed by the attentive, warm atmosphere, and the super friendly staff.  Dr. Paula was able to articulate the reasons for my condition, and made sure I understood the therapy she would provide.  To my surprise, she asked me to do a “down dog” right on the massage table in order to further diagnose my alignment issues!  I knew form that moment that she would be the perfect PT for me.  I was a bit surprised that she was not just concerned with my neck and jaw issues, but my entire musculoskeletal system!  She is not only an exceptionally gifted PT, but she is a certified yoga instructor!  I love that my “homework” exercises are based on yoga positions, which I incorporate into my own practice.  Since July of 2015, I have greatly improved my posture, balance, and alignment.  I have also taken many yoga classes at ALIB, and absolutely LOVE the staff!  Dr. Paula had a few instructors work specifically with me as an extension of the physical therapy care.  I love the holistic approach to my care, and I highly recommend Dr. Paula and her staff to anyone seeking excellent, compassionate care.

Mary Pat Forenza

I started going to Dr. Paula last summer. I am a competitive swimmer and last season I noticed that my left shoulder was bothering me during certain strokes. My mother made me an appointment and before the first session ended Dr. Paula determined that I wasn’t using my lats. Instead, I overcompensated and I was pinching a muscle in my shoulder. I was given exercises to do during the week in between sessions. In less that three weeks there was no sign of my injury and I no longer had pain in my shoulder.

– Abigail, age 13

I started going to Dr. Paula for my left ankle. I play baseball, along with other sports. During a game I got a hit (up the middle) and I started to run. My left foot hit the ground and I fell down. Shortly after I went to see Dr. Paula and she figured out that I was hyper extending my knee. After a few sessions I was back and playing better than before. Now I use what she taught me to prepare for every season. I also participated in a youth yoga for sports program she created which was a big help and the things I use the things I learned there a lot.

– Josh, age 11

Adam (Transitional Fitness) – Your know-how, patience and persistence certainly paid off for me!  Thank you! My back and my posture are stronger and straighter than they’ve been in years! Thank you for helping me to feel even younger!  

– With much appreciation, Ginny