Why a Juniper Tree?


Around the world and throughout history, the juniper tree has been revered as a powerful natural agent of protection and healing. From the Biblical story of Elijah to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the juniper has helped correct the wrongs of evil and has guided the lost back to protection’s embrace. Such redemptive attributes were sought after in countless rituals that made use of the scent and presence of juniper, including those of the Pueblo Indians and the ancient Sumerians who respectively used juniper bark as a medicinal treatment and to appease the wrathful gods. Even today, juniper is used to treat seasonal depression and to ease the pains of rheumatism and arthritis.


The twisted juniper, from which A Life in Balance takes its logo, carries all of these traditions within it, as well as one more. Sedona, Arizona has become a place where people looking to improve their spiritual and personal practices have flocked to meditate on themselves and their lives. Those that are drawn to the earthy reds and blue skies of this area often indicate that they are attracted to the vitalizing energy of Sedona. It is said that the subtle energies that imbue Sedona spiral from the earth through four energy vortices that can move through and affect any visitors, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. These visitors, as they wander the paths that lead to the four main energy vortices – Airport, Boynton Canyon, Red Rock Crossing, and Bell Rock – pass many and more junipers curiously twisting towards the sky. The closer to the center of the vortex, the more severe axial twist the juniper will have in its branches. In this way, the twisted juniper guides visitors to a place of meditation and personal growth. This concept, in conjunction with the ancient associations that come with the image of the juniper, permeates the care at A Life in Balance. The guides that are found here, from physical therapists and yoga instructors to life coaches and nutritionists, are the twisting junipers that line the path on the way to self-reflection and renewal.