Transitional Fitness

The Transitional Fitness program at A Life In Balance is a unique fitness program, designed by Dr. Paula, our physical therapist, and Adam, our certified personal trainer.  We are not a traditional personal training facility and we do not require you to be a physical therapy client to participate in transitional fitness. For our physical therapy patients, transitional fitness is the next step in your continuum of care.

We understand everyone’s objectives are unique. We focus on providing the right tools to achieve your personal goals.  

The Program

Our transitional fitness program can offer:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Proper breath control
  • Improved core and back strength
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Healthier bones, muscles, and joints
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased confidence and overall knowledge of health and fitness

What You Can Expect

As experts in biomechanics and neuromotor control, we are equipped to improve your  overall well-being and increase your strength, mobility and postural control.

We also specialize in sports-specific training and can translate that to proven on-field functional gains. These include improved performance, increased speed, decreased injury and overall health.

We treat athletes of all ages and have years of experience treating soccer, basketball, and football players, as well as gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders. Whether your requirements are strength, power, agility, or all three, we will design a program to fit your specific needs.

It’s Personal

Whether you are younger or older, an experienced athlete or sedentary adult, STRENGTH is the foundation on which all physical progress is built. While strength can be defined as force produced against an external resistance it can also be understood as your ability to interact positively with your environment. We understand the term strength is subjective and that everyone’s idea of strength is unique to them. Accordingly, we always focus on your personal definition of strength. Whether it’s Yoga, team sports, power-lifting or even household chores, we have the means to make you stronger, more capable and fit.

Please call, email or stop by with any questions you may have.  


“Adam (Transitional Fitness) – Your know-how, patience and persistence certainly paid off for me!  Thank you! My back and my posture are stronger and straighter than they’ve been in years! Thank you for helping me to feel even younger!” 

– With much appreciation, Ginny