December Events

December Workshops
3D Dimensional Coaching with Chris T.
The 3Dimensional Coaching philosophy is bases on extensive research regarding different coaching philosophies and the cultural influence of coaches in the lives of the people they impact.
Sign Up Here Registration closes 2 days before the event.
Creativity Workshop with Billie H.
Just in time for the holidays to work on a special, handmade gift for either yourself or a loved one. This two and a half hour workshop will be $30.00 if you bring your own art supplies and $45.00 if you would rather use supplies provided by us. Whether you are new to yoga and art or an experienced yogi or artist or both, this fun and playful workshop will allow you to delve and go deeper regardless of your starting point.
Sign Up Here Registration closes 2 days before the event.
ALIB celebrates 31 Days of December
A Life in Balance will have a daily special for each day of December. It is our way to thank you as clients, students, and friends. Each week we will announce new specials for that week. Purchases must be made in the yoga studio or the PT office. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and read our emails to be the first to know!

This Weeks Specials:
12/1 – 5% off Yoga Class Packs
12/2 – 20% off PT Evaluation
12/3 – 10% off all bottles of doTerra Oils
12/4 – Free Class Day for all students. 1 Class per student.
December Contest!
The person who shares each 31 Days of December post on Facebook will receive an ALIB t-shirt or tank top.  Please change your privacy settings so that we can keep track of who is sharing and how often.
PT Patients of the Month: The Mraz Family
What do you like best about being patients at ALIB?
 We love the atmosphere in the office.  From Tracy’s delightful disposition and helping us manage appointments with a crazy hectic family schedule to the amazing gifted Dr Paula. Also, we appreciate and value the amazing intelligent assistance of Alison and Kimber, who manage our exercises and educate us.  The whole environment is positive and happy.  Also, we love the personal one on one care we receive at ALIB.
 How do you feel PT has helped you?
For Mom/Stephanie it has helped me tremendously to be more aware of my body when I’m teaching dance or taking dance fitness classes.  I definitely have learned to engage my core better and correct my posture. For Dad/Jeff it has helped him learn more about his body as well for his active lifestyle and to prevent injury.  The kids/Zach and Em couldn’t have made it through their fall sports season without Dr Paula’s “special” hands and care.    
 How does ALIB PT help you all with your  sports / dance  performance?
For Stephanie,  it lets me do my dance class without pain that i feel in my knees and SI joint.  For Jeff,  he is able to keep playing in his adult sports leagues for basketball and softball and exercise for his health without limitations.  For Zach and Em,  they are also more aware of their bodies and they are able to release and strengthen the proper muscles to continue to have their bodies in balance.  
Why do you keep coming to ALIB PT?
Because Dr Paula is gifted…she has the best hands even though she hits all our pain spots and sometimes makes us scream (unless you are Emily then you giggle)
What is your favorite PT exercise?
Jeff is the most devoted to his exercises. He makes sure he does them every day. He loves how much Rachel progression helps him strengthen his body.  
Vote for ALIB in the Flemington Window Decor Contest!
Come see how beautiful the windows of the ALIB yoga studio look! Vote for us at either the Yoga studio or the PT office.

Meet Anthony our newest ALIB Teacher.
Anthony Tumolo is currently a 3rd grade teacher in the Readington Public School District. When he is not teaching in the classroom or directing theatre camps, he can be found enjoying long walks with his dog in his beautiful Lambertville town.  He is thrilled and blessed to be teaching a kids yoga class at ALIB.  He recently received his children’s yoga certification under the guidance of Little Flower Yoga. He plans to bring this knowledge to his school district, where he will serve as a Mindfulness Advisor for grades k-5 students because he believes that we are all born to shimmer, shine and radiate.

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