Week of December 5th specials

ALIB’s 31 Days of December
All purchases are to be made in the PT office or Yoga studio
This week’s specials are:

Monday 12/5: 20% off PT Tier 1

Tuesday 12/6: 20% off any Yoga Workshop

Wednesday 12/7: 10% off Yoga Class Packs

Thursday 12/8: 20% off PT Tier 2

Friday 12/9: 15% off Yoga Class Packs

Saturday 12/10: 20% off PT Tier 3

Sunday 12/11: 1 Month Unlimited Yoga $80 (for 1 month only)

Please call the PT office ahead of time for a deal that you may be away for or if the office is closed on a day that a special is running. We will be glad to accommodate you.

Wishing everyone the very best holiday season

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